Chilli Bar

Chilli Bar

The Nightlife in Moalboal is mainly concentrated to Panagsama downtown. When the rest of Moalboal is sleeping Panagsama downtown is waking up. It is both fun and cheap to spend a night here.

You will find a range of restaurants with fresh fish and other good food. After your meal you can enjoy a beer or a cocktail in one of the many bars. We like to recommend Chili bar that has both good food and drinks in a friendly atmosphere

Saturdays is the big night out and that is also when Pacitas Disco is open until early morning, so make sure your non day diving is on the Sunday  🙂 

The night life in Panagsama is generally safe and the best thing is that when you finally decide to go back to Quo Vadis you can walk home in less then 5 minutes.