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Dive Shop team 

Dive Team

 Pernilla Sjöö 


Hometown Jönköping Sweden 

For 12 years I had my own hair saloon business and it only took a day of my life, 5 years ago, to realize how awesome it is to DIVE. From that moment I wanted to move to a warm tropical country and full fill my dream to live the life of a diver. I moved to work in Malapascua in 2013 during typhoon Yolanda and experienced how such a small island could endure such a catastrophe. From there, I moved to Moalboal and fell in love with the place and the sea. I have been in many different dive holidays but something made me decide to move here and work at Quo Vadis Dive Resort. I started to work as a Dive Instructor and by the time I knew it I was involved with running the whole dive operation. It is such a pleasure to be involved in a transition of refurbishing and improving all aspects of the resort. Even though I spend most of the days on land, I can’t wait to jump into the water with my camera and to take memories of the marine life to share with everyone else. Nothing beats seeing satisfied divers!  

 It is fantastic to wake up and breath the sea air in the morning. To sleep peacefully at night knowing that I am in Paradise..


Pernilla sjööNudibranch


 Caroline Sandstedt

Dive Shop Manager

Hometown Skövde Sweden

I’m the girl who got addicted to scuba diving, I’m always the one with the loudest laugh and the largest suit case. I grew up in Sweden but since I have been old enough to travel I have not stayed put since. I have tried a lot of different jobs in my 26 years; I’ve been working as a waitress, barista, copywriter, art hostess, nanny, telemarketer and saleswomen. But it turned out all I ever wanted to do was to work with scuba diving.

I started diving 11 years ago but it took a little bit longer for me to fall in love with this world and lifestyle. When I was 22 I travelled to Thailand and there the underwater beauty got to me and I quickly worked my way up from Open Water diver to Advanced Open Water then to Rescue Diver and then I was stuck. Like really, really stuck. Have you ever heard about the dive virus? Whatever it is, I caught it and now I work as an instructor and dive center manager at Quo Vadis Dive Resort and my life is complete.

So if you want to learn how to dive and if you want to be inspired, I’m definitely up for the task. Make you holiday stand out and I can promise you an experience you will always remember. I’m hoping to see you underwater soon!

Caroline Padi         

Charlie Klehr

Padi Scuba Instructor

Hometown Borås Sweden

Since I graduated school I’ve been working abroad with the ocean as my office. I been working as dive guide since 2013 in Thailand, but in the end of last year I decided that I was ready to share my passion about the blue world to others. So I did my instructor course and that was one of the best decisions of my life.

To teach diving and to feel the excitement among the students when we finally splash down in the water, slowly descending to my favourite part of our world. Seeing the huge smile behind the regulator causing a minor mask-leak when they finally manage one of the tasks underwater and to watch them starting to share my passion is the best feeling in the world. It’s truly a privilege to be able to work with this.

When I’m not teaching or guiding my absolute favourite activity is to photograph the stunning marine life around me. If I ever stays dry on a day off, I love to explore the nature and to catch the adventures around me.


Padi instructor Charlie           Charlie diving




Michael Aaris Nielsen      

Padi Scuba Instructor

Age: 34
Nationality: Danish.
I have been working as a carpenter for 14 years and 2 years in a fosterhome.
I have been diving for around 7-8 years. Half of my dives have been in Denmark and Norway.
2013 I went to Thailand where I was working as a divemaster for 8 month. After that I went to Bali where I did my instructor course. I have been done a little teaching back in Denmark, and in june 2016 I moved to the Philippines where I have been working for Quo Vadis since, both with guiding and teaching, and I really enjoy my work here.

Emil Carlsson

After graduating in 2015 and decided that Sweden was too cold so I went to the Philippines to work for an NGO that did construction after super-typhoon Yolanda hit. This is where my diving story begins and it doesn’t get any more cliché than this I think! Some of my co-workers used to go diving when we had time off and I decided to give it a go. I got hooked after my first few dives and booked my advance course for the following weekend! Since then I knew I wanted to make this my full time job.
Late last year I did my instructor course and I’m now living the life I was dreaming about just one year ago. It’s so much fun to be in the water every day and to show new and experienced divers the awesome marine life we can find here in Moalboal! Enough about me, let’s go diving!